My name is Katharine Harrington, and I am new to the website/blogging arena, but not new to writing.  While I am new to pubishing my writing for others to see, I am not new to putting into words exactly how I feel,  exactly how something transpired, or exactly what needs to happen in order to keep me from blowing a gasket in my head. 

I’ve lived in Savannah for most of my life, but I still claim my other cities – Springfield, MA – where I was born, and Helena, Arkansas, where I spent my formative years, I guess that’s how one would describe that stage of my life.   Instrospective all my life, I’ve certainly created narratives for almost every situation I’ve experienced.  (Actually, what I do is write the script in my head, and the voice I hear telling it is part the narration over the scene.) My other creative outlet is acting – and would be my dream job of dream jobs to be able to act professionally.

But, I digress. 

I have several friends who write for money  – rather – they write for publications, and someone pays them for it.  Describing what I know with words (or pictures) has always come naturally to me in my head; it takes great pains, however, to get these words from my head to my fingertips. 

This weekend, I hope to discover how to use WordPress as my avenue to the internet interstate for the words that seem to bump on gravel roads or get stuck in the mud that is my brain.

Perhaps having a clean-cut, cool, aesthetically colored landscape on which to lay my words will inspire me to fill that WordPress canvas with letters and numbers and who knows what else.

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